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The Stellantis Program

Digi Solutions sets the benchmark for excellence within the Stellantis ecosystem, distinguished by customer-centric features. Our mission is to empower your dealership to stand out in this competitive landscape. As the exclusive full-service provider within the Digi Solutions program, we are committed to fostering continuous growth for our partners.

Through our comprehensive suite of services, including creative development, strategic planning, digital media strategy, and traditional media procurement, we equip our partners with the tools they need to thrive. In a saturated market, Digi Solutions’ integrated advertising solutions ensure that your dealership shines amidst the clamor.

Drive More Leads With Digi Solutions

When partnering with Digi Solutions, all certified products and services are seamlessly invoiced to your parts statement and promptly submitted for T3AC and Bonus PAP co-op reimbursement. Moreover, we handle direct billing to your parts statement and streamline the reimbursement process for added convenience.

From retail promotions to certified pre-owned vehicles and fixed operations, we tailor integrated messages that resonate with your target audience, driving meaningful engagement and sustained success.

Your Integrated Dealer Partner

Harness the power of our collaboration with Stellantis to yield tangible outcomes for your dealership. Let Digi Solutions drive real results for you through our efficient billing and reimbursement procedures.

Even in fiercely competitive regions, your Stellantis dealership can emerge victorious. A strategic, digitally adept integrated advertising approach is all it takes. Reach out to the specialists at Digi Solutions today to discover the transformative potential of an advertising partnership for your business!

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